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Adrian came out to check our foundation and was very to the point and honest. We are in the process of buying a home and he gave us the piece of mind we needed.

Kristine T.

I had also noticed some cracks in our crown-molding, so I wanted to make sure nothing serious was wrong with those supports and our foundation. Scheduling was super easy. The guy on the phone was so nice. Adrian came out and took look and said everything looked good, just some minor repairs. Luckily, we didn’t need to do anything major, they really could have stuck it to us and take advantage of us but they didn’t, he was very honest. If anything should ever pop up in the future, I’m definitely going to be contacting A-OK Foundation again.

Jess P.

Adrian came to do an inspection of my first home. He was on time, very quick and professional. I will be sure to call him if there are ever any problems or when I buy next house. He was very helpful, patiently explained things and didn’t try to sell me on something that I didnot need. Great experience!!

Melissa T.

“We bought a fairly new home. Our home inspection revealed that we needed to have a part of our home’s foundation inspected. After researching a few firms, I found A-OK Foundation and I’m glad I did. I spoke to the owner Adrian and he personally came to my home to analyze a few problem areas. He made several suggestions to me that will ultimately save me a ton of money. He could have easily taken advantage of the situation and recommended something I didn’t need but I found Adrian to have the utmost integrity; he didn’t even charge me a trip fee. I would definitely recommend Adrian and A-OK Foundation!

Tina O.

Wonderful company. Very honest and explains all prices upfront.

Liz G.

I live in Alamo Heights and my pier and beam foundation was in need of repairs. I needed to get it fixed before I sold my house. I called A-OK Foundation they were by far the most affordable company. They were very professional, honest and cleaned up after themselves. I would highly recommend this company!

Ralph F.

The clean bill of health that my home received and the the wealth of knowledge given to me by Adrian. Both were free, yet invaluable, and what is even harder to put a value on is his honesty. I did not need any repairs, and Adrian told me that after his investigation.

Marcel G.

“A-OK Foundation were extremely helpful  and did an outstanding  job. When I went to inspect it, the work was impeccable. Everything was secured to the post and sides of the foundation. Even the quality of the plastic was superior. I would definitely recommend them!

Ashley M.

About 7 years ago we talked with several foundation repair companies. We selected A-OK Foundation and had no regrets. Now that 6 years have passed, I called Adrian with a couple of questions and I am quite pleased with the “follow-up” customer service. Outstanding company!!!

Greg K.

Recent Letter of Recommendation 

“I was in need of pier and beam foundation work on a house that was built in 1947. This house fell into disrepair and was in real need of special care. The house is special to our family, being the home I grew up in.

I had looked at and called several Foundation Companies for estimates on the work. Most did not do pier and beam foundation work. and of the few that did I was dissatisfied with their phone manors, attitude and response to my problems.

Then arrived A-OK Foundation. Impressive from the start. First the Owner Adrian Obregon, arrived to look over the project and give the estimate himself. He was complete, fair and reasonable in his estimate of the work to be done. With a great attitude and knowledge for the work to be done, without any hesitation. Second, the large crew that was sent out the day of the project start. All the guys were very professional, great attitudes, worked in great together and just seemed to enjoy their jobs. Everyone in the company I met worked toward the common goal, were pleasant to work with and truly seemed to put my project first.

I would highly recommend using A-OK Foundation to my friends and family. Anyone needing foundation work, should contact A-OK Foundation and get a professional and trustworthy company to do the work for them. I would use them again. I have been in Law Enforcement for 40 years and believe I can read people very well; I could not find any problems with the company or their professional staff. They made the difficult project enjoyable.

Yours Truly

Arthur P.”

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