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A-OK Foundation Repair is one of the best Foundation Repair in San Antonio and metropolitan area and Central Texas Region! We pride ourselves in our superior customer service and we surpass our customer’s expectations. Our field techs are extensively trained and fully knowledgeable to handle your foundation repair in all types of residential homes and commercial buildings.

Our primary goal is to personally insure the full satisfaction of every client, with our on the job performance, customer service and the confidence knowing that we back all our warranties with a Transferable Warranty*

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Foundation Repair

We strive to maintain the utmost structural integrity while repairing settling, bowing, cracked, and damaged commercial, municipal, and residential foundations.

Pier and Beam

Pier and beam houses are usually structures that have a crawl space underneath the house or building. We specialize in Pier and Beam Foundations. 

Slab Foundation

Leveling a structure is  a difficult process, involving many different factors, techniques and skills that require years of on the job experience and training.

We’ve Been Building Solid Foundations for  Over 20 Years

A-OK Foundation Repair are Leaders in all types of Foundation Repair and Maintenance such as: Foundation Repair, Concrete Slabs, Pier and Beam, House Leveling and Drainage.
Other Services Offered: Plumbing Services, Plumbing Tests, and Engineer’s Reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Cracks on your house, walls, ceilings, floors, porches, driveways, or sidewalks…

These ARE Signs of Foundation Problems!

What are the visual signs that I need foundation repair?

·    Doors aren’t working properly (they stick)
·    Drywall has cracks (around door jams or window panes)
·    Flooring cracks and unstable flooring

What should I look for in a foundation repair company?

There are several things to look for when selecting a foundation repair company. The first is, do they offer a transferable warranty*, and if they do, are there every any service fees to come back out? Is the warranty only valid for the owner that has the work done, or is it transferable to the next owner and continue to the life of the structure? Other things that you should do are check with the local Better Business Bureau and verify they have a good record. If there ever were any complaints, problems or issues, did they resolve them and make the customer happy, and how prompt were they in doing so? Look for a physical address as many startup companies use a “P.O. Box” as their place of business. You don’t want a difficult time contacting them if any problems arose.

Should I do the repairs if I am going to sell the home?

Our experience has shown that the amount the that the homeowner will have to discount the sales price of any home with foundation issues is significantly more than the cost of actually making the repairs. “The vast majority of home purchases are done by the buyer obtaining a mortgage. Homes with existing foundation problems are extremely difficult to get acceptable appraisals, pass mortgage standards, or even obtain insurance. Your pool of potential buyers is limited almost exclusively to cash buyers.”
– Jeff Romo, Realtor
Bradfield Properties

How long after the repair work should I wait before fixing the exterior mortar work and interior drywall cracks?

Your wait will depend on how much the house has been lifted. The slab should not move after it has been lifted but the walls may need time to adjust to their new position. A general rule-of-thumb would be to wait 4-6 weeks after repairs are completed.

How can foundation repair work affect my plumbing?

Any time a slab foundation settles, the plumbing pipes that are underneath and attached to the foundation can be damaged. Therefore A-OK Foundation Repair requires a third-party Master licensed Plumber to test the plumbing before and/or after the lifting process.

Client Testimonials

Recent Letter of Recommendation 

“I was in need of pier and beam foundation work on a house that was built in 1947. This house fell into disrepair and was in real need of special care. The house is special to our family, being the home I grew up in.

I had looked at and called several Foundation Companies for estimates on the work. Most did not do pier and beam foundation work. and of the few that did I was dissatisfied with their phone manors, attitude and response to my problems.

Then arrived A-OK Foundation. Impressive from the start. First the Owner Adrian Obregon, arrived to look over the project and give the estimate himself. He was complete, fair and reasonable in his estimate of the work to be done. With a great attitude and knowledge for the work to be done, without any hesitation. Second, the large crew that was sent out the day of the project start. All the guys were very professional, great attitudes, worked in great together and just seemed to enjoy their jobs. Everyone in the company I met worked toward the common goal, were pleasant to work with and truly seemed to put my project first.

I would highly recommend using A-OK Foundation to my friends and family. Anyone needing foundation work, should contact A-OK Foundation and get a professional and trustworthy company to do the work for them. I would use them again. I have been in Law Enforcement for 40 years and believe I can read people very well; I could not find any problems with the company or their professional staff. They made the difficult project enjoyable.

Yours Truly

Arthur P.”

Adrian came to do an inspection of my first home. He was on time, very quick and professional. I will be sure to call him if there are ever any problems or when I buy next house. He was very helpful, patiently explained things and didn’t try to sell me on something that I didnot need. Great experience!!

Melissa T.

I live in Alamo Heights and my pier and beam foundation was in need of repairs. I needed to get it fixed before I sold my house. I called A-OK Foundation they were by far the most affordable company. They were very professional, honest and cleaned up after themselves. I would highly recommend this company!

Ralph F.

About 7 years ago we talked with several foundation repair companies. We selected A-OK Foundation and had no regrets. Now that 6 years have passed, I called Adrian with a couple of questions and I am quite pleased with the “follow-up” customer service. Outstanding company!!!

Greg K.

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