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1.    What are the visual signs that I need foundation repair?

    Doors aren't working properly (they stick)
    Drywall has cracks (around door jams or window panes)
    Flooring cracks and unstable flooring

2.    What should I look for in a foundation repair company?

There are several things to look for when selecting a foundation repair company. The first is, do they offer a transferable warranty*, and if they do, are there every any service fees to come back out? Is the warranty only valid for the owner that has the work done, or is it transferable to the next owner and continue to the life of the structure? Other things that you should do are check with the local Better Business Bureau and verify they have a good record. If there ever were any complaints, problems or issues, did they resolve them and make the customer happy, and how prompt were they in doing so? Look for a physical address as many startup companies use a "P.O. Box" as their place of business. You don't want a difficult time contacting them if any problems arose.

3.    Should I do the repairs if I am going to sell the home?

Our experience has shown that the amount the that the homeowner will have to discount the sales price of any home with foundation issues is significantly more than the cost of actually making the repairs. "The vast majority of home purchases are done by the buyer obtaining a mortgage. Homes with existing foundation problems are extremely difficult to get acceptable appraisals, pass mortgage standards, or even obtain insurance. Your pool of potential buyers is limited almost exclusively to cash buyers."

- Jeff Romo, Realtor

Bradfield Properties

4.    How long after the repair work should I wait before fixing the exterior mortar work and interior drywall cracks?

Your wait will depend on how much the house has been lifted. The slab should not move after it has been lifted but the walls may need time to adjust to their new position. A general rule-of-thumb would be to wait 4-6 weeks after repairs are completed.

5.    How can foundation repair work affect my plumbing?

Any time a slab foundation settles, the plumbing pipes that are underneath and attached to the foundation can be damaged. Therefore A-OK Foundation Repair requires a third-party Master licensed Plumber to test the plumbing before and/or after the lifting process.

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